What is Facelikethesun?

Facelikethesun started in 2011 as a YouTube channel and blog, but is mainly a media ministry discussing current events and warning about near future predicaments for the church and the world through theological and eschatological analysis of the Bible.

With over 250,000 subscribers and 42 million channel views, Facelikethesun is all about sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and providing a watchman’s warning about the strange ongoing changes to our post-modern world.

The man behind Facelikethesun, Gonz Shimura, currently considers himself a historical premillennialist (as a distinction from dispensational premillennialism), with a lean towards the pre-wrath rapture position. However, the media ministry is less about doctrinal debates on eschatological timing labels, and more about giving a watchman’s report from the wall, and continuing to share the Good News!

We tackle topics like Aliens, Angels, the Antichrist, Demons, and other supernatural spirits, the paranormal, Metaphysics, Conspiracies for World Government, the New World Order, the economic collapse, cryptocurrencies, Geopolitics, Forbidden Archeology, Technocracy, Transhumanism, Genetics, DNA, the Scientific Dictatorship, the Occult, the Esoteric, Secret Societies, Mystery Religions, Ancient Civilizations, GMO, Eschatology, Space Travel, Time Travel, alternative history, the Nephilim and much much more! 


Gonz from Facelikethesun has produced hundreds of videos on YouTube, but the only projects considered documentaries are the three AGE OF DECEIT films. The three combined videos have been viewed over 8 million times on the Facelikethesun channel alone.

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While not directly under the Facelikethesun name, CANARY CRY RADIO and CANARY CRY NEWS TALK are just as much part of the ministry. With over 3 million downloads to date, Gonz and Basil keep podding away.

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Apart from all the music created by Gonz’ production skills, he has been asked to do projects outside of Facelikethesun. The most notable was the documentary INHUMAN for SkywatchTV, which won him a Silver Telly Award. If you are interested in hiring Gonz for a podcast or film project, please contact him for consideration.

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