There Are Many Ways You Can Support Us!

Pray for us!

As with any kind of ministry, we face challenges with the confidence of knowing that it is by the direction of God. But it cannot and should not be done without your prayers and covering over the ministry and my family. I deeply appreciate everyone who has been praying for us all these years! It makes a difference! Miracles do happen!

Share our content on social media!

If you like a video, or a blog post, share it on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever other platform you happen to be on. It’s the only real way this kind of independent information is ever going to reach people who would otherwise never come across it.

Join us on Patreon!

Financial support for this ministry has for the most part been a result of the value for value model. While it’s not the best, Patreon has given many content creators like us to have an easy way to garner financial support and keep it organized. For as little as $1 a month, you can join the hundreds of people who see value in this ministry. You’ll occasionally get some extra content, so chip in, but don’t put the chip in! Get it?

Click It!

We got Paypal too!

If monthly support isn’t your thing, you can give us a one time donation on Paypal. Over the years, gifts through Paypal has been the biggest blessing to the ministry. We thank all of you who have given or are considering a gift through Paypal!

Got Bitcoin?

It’s the future. Why not? It’s not quite MOTB…yet.

Send me Bitcoin (BTC): 1AU2QquaJGCz3MNwuSyWomrbvTea4HTi7L

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Keep it Old Fashioned!

The last way to support the channel is with a personal check! You can address the checks to “Gonzo Shimura.” Please send checks to:

Face Like The Sun

P.O. Box 7383

Laguna Niguel, CA 92607

Facelikethesun is NOT a 501c3 organization. Therefore, your generous gifts are not tax deductible.

We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support. We pray that the Lord continues to use the Facelikethesun platform to save souls and bring people to repent and follow Jesus Christ!