Original Logo 2011
New Logo 2019

The Ministry

The Facelikethesun media ministry was started by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to bring attention to our Lord and Savior, Yeshua Ha Machiach (Jesus, the Christ) by explaining current events and near future predicaments for the Church and the world through the lens of biblical theology and eschatology.

The Name & Logo

The name “Facelikethesun” was taken directly from from the transfiguration of Jesus Christ recorded in the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.

“…He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light.”

Matthew 17:2 NKJV

Some scholars strongly suggest the mountain where this took place was Mount Hermon, the same mountain where 200 rebel watchers are recorded arriving to mingle themselves with the daughters of men. (Genesis 6, Book of Enoch).

The logo was designed with Matthew 17:2 in mind, and combining it with the description of Jesus in the book of Revelation.

“…behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

Revelation 5:5 KJV

While the Lion is an animal used for both positive and negative imagery in the Scriptures, it always alluded to fierceness and power, two aspects of God that is very much embedded in Biblical eschatology.

The new logo was designed by M.S. Corley, who has done remarkable cover art for hundreds of projects! Both designs are used interchangeably.

Meet Gonz

Konichiwa! My name is Gonz Shimura and I’m the guy who runs the Facelikethesun Media Ministry. I have a Masters Cert. for Music Production and Technology from Berklee College of Music, as well as undergraduate education in Sociology from UC Irvine. I did not grow up in the church or in a religious home. But after years of searching for some kind of spiritual worldview that made sense with not only my personal life, but the world I was witnessing, God mercifully brought a beautiful woman into my life who not only showed me the truth of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, but also became my lovely bride, and mother of my daughters.

After getting baptized in 2007, I embarked on very rigorous research to see whether or not the Bible was truly the Word of God, a source that transcends our space, time, and intellect. What I discovered from the many thinkers and commentators who previously wrestled with the same questions, was a mixture of various translations, interpretations, denominations, angles and emphases from Scripture. But despite the differences, one thing seemed very clear to me over time: the Word of God is able to address all of the issues past, present, and especially future from a personal level, to the societal level, all the way to the cosmic level.

The most remarkable discovery from my studies were how eschatological passages that are historically labelled allegory or metaphor, were making literal sense in the modern world. The advent of the Internet which has transformed human communication, and the many emerging technologies that are rapidly being distributed close behind, appear to be leading us right into the days described in passages often dismissed as colorful language. Exploring this particular application of Scripture has become, over time, more and more proof for me personally, that the Bible does in fact find its origins outside of space and time, or as the late Bible teacher Dr. Chuck Missler phrased it, “…History written before it happens…”

Furthermore, a political infrastructure that consumes the entire world was foretold in the Word with details that, once again, align remarkably with our current world developments. While the ideologies surrounding such a pursuit is not unique to any time in human history, it has never been more attainable than in our generation, and generations to come. In fact, as of this writing, the political atmosphere in America is perceived as completely out of control in the advent of the clash between those who pursue world governance, and those who want individual, familial, local, and perhaps state or national sovereignty. But behind it all are deep rooted spiritually driven agenda’s that the Scriptures are able to clearly communicate to us.

The stigma is that those of us who come to these realizations and are sharing it publicly are ‘wasting time,’ or are ‘fear-mongering,’ or are just ‘pessimists’ thinking that it’s all going to hell in a hand basket. But the truth is that all of it is good news on top of the Good News (the Gospel of Jesus Christ), because while I and many are issuing a watchman’s warning to the church about the impending turbulence to our society, ultimately, it means the return of Jesus Christ is hastening.

Today, I am grateful to be in a position to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in this context of a dire warning about our impending near future, which over the years has lead me to deal with these issues with a little bit of dry sarcasm (I’m jaded at this point), and some laughter along the way. I hope you join me in exploring the many rabbit trails of fringe, while steadfastly holding onto the Word of God for guidance, wisdom and understanding in these remarkable times.